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Making the First Call

I know how hard it is to reach out for help, how big a step it is just to be looking at this page right now. I get it.  So, with that understanding let me explain the starting process a little bit.

When you call, you’ll reach my voicemail. You will always reach my voicemail unless we have set up an agreed upon time to talk.

There is no right way to leave a message. Say what you’re comfortable with. If you want to tell me a little about why you are calling, that’s completely ok. If you prefer to simply tell me your name and number and wait for me to call you back, that’s ok too.

As long as you say your name and your phone number, you’re good.

I Understand How Hard It Is.

If you try to call, get scared and hang up, I get it, don’t beat yourself up.  You’ll get there. When you do call and leave a message, I will get back to you, as best I can, within 24 hours.

When we first chat, I won’t jump right into anything.

I’ll simply gather a little bit of information so I can see if we might be a good fit, we’ll go from there, and set up a first appointment.

Call or Text Me to Make an Appointment

(949) 322-9112

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What to Expect in Your First Session


When you first come into the office, it’s more of a meet and greet.  In order to be genuine and real we need to feel comfortable and known, and that takes a bit of time.  I want to learn about you and what’s going on in your life that makes it feels hard. You’re the expert on you, the better the understanding I have about you, the more equipped I am to help you.


I come from a place of curiosity. I’ll bring attention to what’s in the room with us so we can explore it and peel back the layers. I don’t press any judgment; I don’t secretly laugh at you or ever think that something you tell me isn’t a big deal. If something is hard for you, that’s what I care about and I am interested in helping you make the hard things, feel not so hard anymore. You get to be you and that is always enough.

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