Individual Therapy

People often tell me that they don’t need a therapist because they have friends they can talk to. While that may be true, very few of us speak to our friends without a filter, so ultimately; we are still alone with our darkest, scariest, most off the wall thoughts. And that’s where therapy comes in.


Our head can be a scary place, the thoughts we think and the things that consume our mind are often things we have an intense amount of shame over. In order to avoid the shame, we try to ignore the thoughts, we push them aside, pretend that we actually didn’t mean to think them, tell ourselves that they were a one-time fluke and we try to exert control.


We begin to take action, we think if we change the thing we had a thought about then everything will be ok. So we busy ourselves, the thoughts still come, so we do more, until we are always doing because when we stop and have free head space, the thoughts continue to come. Nothing works. We’re stuck, with the same problem, but in a worse off state.


That’s where therapy comes in.


I am a holding space, a container for you. You get to come in here and unpack everything that’s in your head, the dark, the deep, the struggles, the hopes and dreams, the judgments, the realities, all of it. There is no judgment, just space to open up and explore. We work together, I hold everything out in the open and we look at it, really look at it, maybe for the very first time. And once you feel like it no longer holds power over you, you get to decide if it’s something you want to keep, and you either hold onto it again, with understanding and acceptance or you let it go. But none of that happens alone.


Many of us have friends, but few have a living, breathing, and thinking holding space. You deserve a space that is just for you, for the betterment of you, and nobody else.

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